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to go phone...


to go phone...

I can't remember if I bought it or one of my gf's gave it to me after she had no use for it but I managed to have packed it with me to a move to a new state and have no  clue how to find out the phone number on it or what my options are for this coverage area.. I tried to speak to a live person but was transferred to an automated system "after" I said I needed to speak with a "live" person. I will throw it out if need be but want to find out what my options are first.. I really don't want to go into an ATT store. I paid for an early termination to get out of a contract that I was in and don't really want to be locked in to one again. I am not the mos technically minded person but can use a basic phone for the most part. I want to thank you for your response in advance.

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Re: to go phone...

The phone number is somewhere in one of the menus and the menus are in the manual specific to whatever phone you have.

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Re: to go phone...

Yes, the phone number should be located somewhere in your phone's serting menus, depending on which phone you now have. GoPhones are contract free...you don't have to worry about it. The account will eventually expire anyway if you do not refill it.

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