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tilt 2 and its touch flo music

tilt 2 and its touch flo music

hi, i got the tilt 2 and i love it. i put my music in it but i have a question about that. i have my music in there but its all messed up. i mean all my songs are scattered around. i wanted to know if there's a way for me to organize my music in such a way where the artists' music are grouped together then all around .


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Re: tilt 2 and its touch flo music

If you select Library, then Artists (the icon that looks like a person with a mic) are they not grouped properly?


If not, then the tags on your music files are messed up.  There are programs to fix this, just search on Google.

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Re: tilt 2 and its touch flo music

How did you arrange the music when you added it??  Did you create folders for each artist to keep them together??  I have folders by artist and then subfolders by album for each artist and that's how they show in the playlist.

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