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I am using AT&T and I am able to send Chinese text messages to a T-mobile phone. But when a T-mobile phone send me a text in Chinese , I am not able to see it (English text messages work fine both ways). Is there a reason for that?

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Can ATT or Verizon customers send you a text in Chinese or is this something your seeing with T-Mobile users only?

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I tested this 2-byte code SMSs with T-Mobile and Verizon friends and confirmed that currently only the AT&T has limits.  AT&T people cannot read texts originated from outside AT&T.  We don't have problems within AT&T network. For people with other carriers, we can send it but we won't be able to read it if a T-Mobile person or a Verizon person sends.


It sucks.  But hopefully this will change in the near future.

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