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tethering required to use WIFI????


tethering required to use WIFI????

I'm considering the Atrix 2 but ATT chat is telling me that I have to have a tethering plan to use the laptop dock or the HD dock with my home wifi.   Why would I need to pay them more to use my own wifi?  The Motorola site clearly says this is not true.  Who's right, and more importantly, why would ATT think they can charge me to run over my wifi? 


From Motorola:


Tip: You can utilize Webtop via WiFi at any time without the need for a tethering plan.  The tethering plan is only required if you want to utilize webtop over the 3G/4G network.

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Re: tethering required to use WIFI????

you do not need a tethering plan to use your dock if you have access to WiFi.  You only need tethering if you happen to not have WiFi access available.  I really still think it's BULLPOOPOO as we have data from our phones... it's just more ways to tap us for more money!

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Re: tethering required to use WIFI????

Motorola says I won't need tethering to use wifi, but everyone I ask at ATT and I pressed them hard, all say that ATT assumes when you hook up the phone to the dock that you're going to use 3/4G and  they won't initialize the connection unless you have tethering.  I heard it from the online chat, and from two store representatives. So, no wifi without tethering.  ATT may not be supplying the wifi but they won't let you use it without paying them.   I have a grandfathered in unlimited data plan, so tethering is something like $45 per month.  I'm not dropping the unlimited in order to lower the tethering cost., so all the docking hardware is useless to me.  I just wish motorola realized how much this limits their hardware sales.  

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