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so frustrated - iPhone 4S shipping status


so frustrated - iPhone 4S shipping status

I ordered my iPhone 4S White 64GB as soon as preorder went live on 3:40AM ish). I received TWO confirmation emails saying your order is now processing(one on the 7th, the other on the 10th). Despite the fact that I should be able to receive it by this friday, it is STILL processing!! No shipping notification or whatsoever.. This is my order info:



Thank you for your recent order! Your iPhone has been reserved. Your order is expected to be delivered on 10/14/11*. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is ready to ship. 

You can track your order online at Status may not be available if your order was placed within the past 24 hours. 

Existing Customers: Services and features already on your account may not be listed below.

Not Eligible for Mail-In Rebate

TypeDescriptionMonthly PriceOne Time Price

Line  1 
DeviceApple iPhone 4S - 64 GB - White  $649.99
FeaturesData Unlimited for iPhone 4S$30.00 

Estimated Sales Tax  $39.00
*Order Total  



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Re: so frustrated - iPhone 4S shipping status

Don't worry yet - last year for the 4 release, I received the phone (a day before the actual release date!!!) before the status even changed from backordered to shipped.  Hang in there! 

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Re: so frustrated - iPhone 4S shipping status

Same thing happened to me: I ordered my phone at 5:15 AM, didn't get a confirmation until Saturday, got a second confirmation on Monday.  My phone was shipped out today--yours will most likely be shipped today or tomorrow.  If you don't get a shipment email by tomorrow night, I'd call AT&T.  But for now, hang in there--it's definitely coming.  Smiley Happy

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