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skyrocketing to the note


skyrocketing to the note


I had given up on the note for waiting. and gotten a skyrocket. Naturally a week later the Note comes out. Since i am a nurse I'd like to have all my refrence material in my hand, instead of carrying around 25# or so of books each day.  The bigger display of the note should be a happy medium between carrying a tablet or laptop, and having a phone. Also since it looks a little less like a phone, people will prebably be a little less freaky about it. and hopefully after ICS comes out I'll just be able to access anything i need through bluetooth and keep it in my pocket. dreaming.

Anyway, my question is...

how do I get everything I put on the skyrocket to the note? since they are the same device only bigger, i figure there's got to be something said for compatability.same chip, same os and all.

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Re: skyrocketing to the note

I went from iphone to note. Had a ton of word and pdf files, put them all in folder (exported from goodreader) with a bunch of sub folders, than copied to my sd cars. Note comes with free polaris. Opened polaris and worked perfectly, all my folders nicely alligned and in correct sequence. Very easy to read, not as good as ipad, but not bad at all.
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