sim not provisioned MM#2


sim not provisioned MM#2

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Hello. I just got my Samsung Magnet in the mail today with my pay as you go plan. I turned on the phone after a full charge and get this message. I did a bit of reading and noticed I was meant to call customer service to get the sim card activated. Thing is my verizon plan just ended today and I'm stuck without a phone! I have no way to call customer service. I tried 611 but the phone is telling me Emergency calls only.

So I'm hoping I can find a live chat or something to help me get this phone started?

ANY help is greatly appreciated!

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Re: sim not provisioned MM#2

You can go to your nearest AT&T store with your device and sim to get this setup, or just call AT&T's CS dept. at 1-800-331-0500, from a land line phone. You will be transferred to the prepaid customer service center, where a rep. can assist you with setting this up.

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