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sim locked to one phone..


sim locked to one phone..

  I had purchased a second prepaid phone and when I did that the guy asked if I would like him to change the sim for me and I said sure.. Well come to find out, when he did that he locked my sim to the new phone for 6 months.  Now I am faced with a problem that that phone has been damaged by water and I need a phone.. any ideas on how I can get the sim unlocked so I can transfer it to a different phone??

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Re: sim locked to one phone..

Contact customer service (1-800-331-0500), state "more options" at the first menu prompt, then "customer service" at the following ones.  After a few, the IVR will give up and connect you with a live representative.  Based on the circumstances, they should be willing to unlock your SIM so that it can be used in an another device.


If they refuse, you can visit your local store and just ask for a new SIM to be provisioned with your existing account information and phone number.  You may need to add funds to the account while in the store in order to prevent a charge for the SIM.  But you would then be able to use that SIM in a different device.

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Re: sim locked to one phone..

I would suggest a do-it-yourself alternative, as I found the AT&T support to prepaid (GoPhone) is the lowest of the low.


Here is what I would do:


1.  Purchase an *unactivated* AT&T 3G (64K) SIM card off eBay.  They go for $2.99, with free shipping.  (I bought mine from "bestdeals123" at eBay and I successfully used the virgin SIM card to active my iPhone 3G under a GoPhone plan.  NOTE:  I have NO association with eBay or bestdeals123.)


2.  GOTO: (Check the site out, before you plunge into these steps, if you want.)


3.  Choose the "Update Phone" option.  You will need to have your existing phone number and a verification method (ZIP code).


4.  Activate the new phone under the new SIM with the existing number.


See if that works for you.  No knuckle dragging humans on the loop!  Good luck.


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Re: sim locked to one phone..

I like the Shadow's suggestion.
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Re: sim locked to one phone..

The SIM on my phone appeared to self unlock after 30 days.

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