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sent text message alert


sent text message alert

just recently bought a w580i. i noticed that after i send a text message, i do not hear a notification, or this due to the phone, or the service?
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Re: sent text message alert

I don't think it's the service.
I have a Pantech Duo; my bf has a BJ. Both phones have a "sent msg" alert.
So I think it's a setting on your phone.
if there's something that can be changed, I think it would be either in your SOUNDS menu of your PROFILES menu.
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Re: sent text message alert

Seems to be the W580i.  I don't know if it's the at&t branding or possibly a standard SE thing (I typically use Nokias), but I don't get any type of notification that an SMS has been sent either.  I have to scroll to "sent messges" and double check it there. Smiley Sad
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