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samsung galaxy S updates


samsung galaxy S updates

Hey guys, does anyone has any information on the gingerbread updates for the galaxy S (captivate) and the samsung infuse? Now every major carrier has the update on there Galaxy S phones except at&t. Will we ever get the update.
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Re: samsung galaxy S updates

Since this is a customer to customer forum, no one really know. The Infuse is scheduled to receive the Gingerbread update per the press release that AT&T released mid-year. The link to the press release is buried in one of the other threads on this section.
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Re: samsung galaxy S updates

The Gingerbread update for the Captivate still remains unknown, although AT&T has announce that they WILL be releasing it to customers.

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Re: samsung galaxy S updates

I just loaded Carrier IQ Detector by Lookout Labs. It told me that my phone, Skyrocket, had Carrier IQ. What ticks me off is that I did notgive AT&T permission to track everything I do on my phone. Isn't that illegal?!
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