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samsung captivate 3g vs wi-fi


samsung captivate 3g vs wi-fi

I am new to the smartphone and my issue.  Should the wi-fi always be on? Do you have to toggle back and forth between the WI-FI on and off for the 3G?

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Re: samsung captivate 3g vs wi-fi

It doesn't really matters much. Only the slightly different battery usage.


If you have wi-fi signal and can connect, use wi-fi for data transfer uses less battery than 3G. If you don't have wi-fi signal, the phone will constantly scan for wi-fi networks which in turn uses a little bit more battery than just turn it off.


Also, in wi-fi sleep policy, choose 'Never turn off wi-fi when phone screen goes off' will save you some battery juice and data usage if you use wi-fi network by avoiding contantly turning on and off the wi-fi.

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Re: samsung captivate 3g vs wi-fi

I would not recommend having Wi-Fi turned on all the time unless you plan on using it the whole time it's on. It would drain your battery faster if you had it on all day.

You can switch back and forth between Wi-Fi and 3G is you want to save on your data plan/battery life. The choice is your's.

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