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samsung A777 T9 text dictionary


samsung A777 T9 text dictionary

 i use T9 predictive text on the samsung A777and i just want to know if there is a way i can access and change or delete words that have been added to my text dictionary. for example, when i want to type the word "is" the word "hq" comes up first because i added it in a message once. it drives me crazy that i have to change it every time i type "is."

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Re: samsung A777 T9 text dictionary

 How Do I Modify The Predictive Text Dictionary On My SGH-A777 Phone?

To add a word to the T9 predictive text dictionary follow the steps below:

    1. From the Create New Message screen, using the T9 input method, press the corresponding keys for the desired word
    2. Press the zero key (0) until the left soft key changes from Options to Spell
    3. Press the left soft key for Spell
    4. Press & Hold the Clear key until the current word is deleted
    5. Enter the word, using the keypad
    6. Press the left soft key for Add

Note: There are no configurable options available to delete words from the built-in T9 predictive text dictionary


Hope this helps ^^

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Re: samsung A777 T9 text dictionary

argh!  totally frustrating and stupid!  every phone i've ever had has a way to access the words you've added to your dictionary.  what about a hard reset or something?

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Re: samsung A777 T9 text dictionary

A restore might work being as it deletes EVERYTHING except for default apps, etc.

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