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retrieve drafts and short videos from broken phone........


retrieve drafts and short videos from broken phone........

I have an LG  CU515 cell phone. I broke the screen portion of the phone from the phone base. When this happen it severed the flex cable that supported the screen of the phone. I can see nothing on the phones screen. I ordered a new phone exactly like the broken phone. I was wondering how I would be able to transfer the drafts that  I have on the broken phone to the new phone exactly like the one broken. I also have maybe half a dozen short videos that I want to transfer. I feel there is a way to transfer these drafts and videos via bluetooth but I am not for sure. I need a simplified answer to help me get my data from the broken phone. Both of these phones have a mico chip slot and also both have bluetooth capabilities. I just don't know what steps I must do in order to transfer or retrieve my needed information from the broken phone. Remember the broken phone has no visible screen, however the new phone is exactly like the broken phone.........The broken phone is fully functionable with the exception of the viewing screen. Any help would be appreciated.......

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