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When I check my order status (ordered through att online), it gives me a checked box for "received," a checked box for "processing" and an unchecked box for "shipped."


I am a 7-17er. I realize I'm likely still on backorder (even though I've never seen that term on the order status page), but I just wanted to make sure that everybody who is waiting on shipping also sees the same "processing" message. I figure it's no big deal, but it worries me that they could somehow still be processing my order instead of having me on a list for shipping when they're available. Smiley Tongue

Is anybody else seeing the same thing?

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Re: "processing"?

look at the date it updates..mine hasnt updated since the 24

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Re: "processing"?

Check your order status on the AT&T regular page.  It sounds like you are checking the Premier page now.

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