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"family" plan


"family" plan

So there are 6 people in my family and we all need cell phones. There are only 5 lines and we need six so the youngest child in my family can have one. we don't want to pay for the new plan because when you add a line you might as well have another plan. So my family can't be connected with each other like at&t says we can. I say that you should have up to six lines on the family plan for those families of six.


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Re: "family" plan

ATT had to make the cut somewhere.  I've seen families with 9 people so I'm sure they would complain also about the cutoff even if it was 6 people.


The US average family size is estimated at 3.19 people per family.  ATT has upped that by almost 2 people to cover most situations.


Currently ATT allows 5, Verizon allows 5, T-Mobile allows 5, Sprint allows 5.


The problem with just bumping up the numbers is the tendency for abuse by people joining together that are not really family members.


Unfortunately you will have to get another plan (1 family and 1 individual or 2 family plans) or have one person on a pre-paid plan.  


The only way to have more is to have a business account (you could look at a small business account):





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Re: "family" plan

I am having the exact same problem... and AT&T could care less!!! I understand there needs to be a cutoff... BUT, if that is their concern then all they would have to do is ask for verification that the children do indeed live in the same house, are under 18/in college. I mean really this is a policy against larger families (acrossed the board to all carriers!!). The seriously expect me to add another $50 (min.) on to the amount I ALREADY pay just to add one child on.... shame on the policy.

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