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"Off Network Roaming" & Blackberry International


"Off Network Roaming" & Blackberry International

I'm waiting for a supervisor's callback and fighting mad.  Here is what is going on:




My wife is an international computer consultant on Blackberry International (we pay, the company reimburses).  In 2008 I pled with them to modify the alpha tags to show off network roaming.  I was told that when I was on a partner network, it didn't count.  I asked them to note it to the file.


Today, I get the standard ATT message for excessive off network data roaming stating that over 24 megs is excessive use.  The "excessive use" was caused by a mandatory download from ATT Navigator (Telnav), but I am beyond floored because of: (a) the 2008 assurances which I presume are noted; (b) and the bizarre construction they are placing on their definition of network that defines 5 gigs as fair usage in Russia or other high roam countries, but 24 megs when we are roaming in the US. 


Is there anything that a supervisor can do or do I simply figure out who the arbitrator is under the contract and file a claim.  What amazes me is that customer support is cingularly (pun intended) unhelpful on giving you arbitration information but then their lawyers claim tooth and nail that you are wrong filing suit when they don't fork over the information and your only recourse is litigation. 




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Re: "Off Network Roaming" & Blackberry International

What do you want the supervisor to do?


Also the off net roaming (in the states) is usally based off some % of your plan,


so let say you have a 100mb plan, that 24 megs is 24% of your usage.


Pretty much I would not worry to much about it unless you constantly do use data off network, since they wont turn off your account just for 1 or 2 incidents.



I dont handle any of the off network stuff. But they should be able to remove any restrictions if it is not something that happens frequently.


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