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Posted Nov 8, 2008
2:46:20 PM
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"Go Phone" Ringtones Download
Ok, so I dropped my phone in the toilet and had to get a "Go Phone" at Walmart to get by until I received my replacement phone.  I got a razr V3 Go Phone and just stuck my SIM card in it and Im good to go.  My question is this....
How come I cant get certain ringtones downloaded on it if I could before when I had a razr V3 that I purchased through Cingular???  I keep getting a message saying "not supported on device".
Ive had the same ringtone for 5 years, and cant figure out why I cant download it to this phone (go phone) when it is a razr V3. What is the problem?
Since I just inserted my SIM card, there is no need for me to "pick a plan" or "pay as you go" to use the phone.  I dont understand why I cant get the ringtones downloaded.  Do you have to register the phone?  What???

"Go Phone" Ringtones Download

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