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where do i go to send a text message from the at&t website??
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iloveno1 wrote:
where do i go to send a text message from the at&t website??

QUESTION: How can I send a text message from the AT&T website?


Users of myWireless Account can send text messages to AT&T's wireless customers by following these instructions:
  1. Login to myWireless Account and select Phone/Device or click here: Phones & Devices (logged in users only).
  2. Select the Send a Text Message option from the page
  3. Enter the AT&T recipient's wireless phone number in the To: field. Only one phone number may be entered at a time. You don't have to enter dashes as they will be automatically entered for you.
  4. Enter a message in the Message: field. There is a limit of 150 characters.
  5. Click on Send.
  6. If the message was sent successfully to the AT&T customer, you will see the following message at the top of the screen: Your message has been submitted for delivery. Standard messaging rates apply for the recipient.

Note: If the following message is displayed after you click the Send button: Your message could not be delivered because of the following problems. The phone number you entered in the "To" field is not a valid AT&T wireless number, then your message will not be delivered because the phone number in the To: field is not a valid AT&T wireless phone number. Messages cannot be sent to former AT&T Wireless customers using myWireless Account.

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