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problem with 3g microcell


problem with 3g microcell

I have been trying to get a microcell working for over a month. I have spoken to the tech for both AT & T internet and the techs for the microcell more times than I can count.  No One has helped. Each tell me to call the other.  I went on line to find help.  I finially got it to work.  It lasted for about a week.  Now it doesn't work again.  It is a new microcell. connected to AT & T internet.  Nothing has changed from the time it worked until now.  I have tried to power down everything and power back up that didn't work. I deactived the microcell and reactived that didn't work.


I NEED HELP!!  Anyone out there that knows what I can do?  I can't talk to another tech or do another chat.  My blood pressure is going thru the roof.



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Re: problem with 3g microcell

I also have been trying to get my microcell to work for a month. We had a problem with our internet but that appears to have been resolved. I called AT&T and the address was the wrong road (all of the roads where I live have similar names) so I added a new address and re-activated hoping that would fix it last night, it didn't. What is the actual issue you are having? My microcell's 3G light will not stay solid for more than 1-20 minutes at a time before flashing and re-establishing signal, which doesn't always last. I'm convinced that it's fine all night and only stops working during the day when we start to make calls but I'm not watching it all night as it's in the other room. Is this your issue as well?

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