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printing text messages


printing text messages

I need to PRINT some Harrassing Text messages!!! How can I do this???

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Re: printing text messages

Does the phone you are using have an option within messaging to forward the SMS? If so, you could forward to an e-mail address where you can print the e-mail, but you will probably lose the SMS header info, such as date/time sent, etc. Another option may be to use your phone manufacturer's software to access the information in your phone's memory - you may be able to retain the header information if you can access texts that way.

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Re: printing text messages

Are u using Android?  If so, download SMSbackup and send the selected conversations to your gmail account and print it out there.

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Re: printing text messages

If you have a suite for your phone like an installer that you can sync your sms you can try to print it out that way..
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