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prepiad activate

I have a old phone and all i need is a new sim card is there a activate fee for a prepaid phone? And does to the $2 a day plan work for all phones?

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Re: prepiad activate

As long as your old phone is compatible with the network (i.e. it's an old Cingular or at&t phone, or an unlocked GSM phone supporting both the 850 and 1900 mhz frequencies) it will work with any of the rate plans - prepaid or postpaid. Smiley Happy


There shouldn't be an activation fee for at&t's prepaid service; and since you only need a new SIM/account/phone number, I'd visit your local Corporate at&t store to set up your service - they should provide the SIM at no charge if you'll fund the new account while you are in the store.

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