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praise for Mary from customer service


praise for Mary from customer service

I got a bill saying I've overused my data plan last night-but I was asleep and did not even touch the phone. 

so I called the customer service and talked to this wonderful lady Mary {Personal content removed for safety}

she helped me to navigate what happened and she was very nice and professional with what she was doing.

I want to praise her work and it was my best experience with AT&T customer service.

one thing is that It took me 30 minutes to find a place to post this praise for customer service.

I had to register for another account to write this which is ridiculous.

aside from that, I really want to praise Mary's work and thank you again.


from one happy customer.


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Re: praise for Mary from customer service

Awesome! Kudos to Mary for her courteousness and help resolving your matter!


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Re: praise for Mary from customer service

kudos to mary Smiley Happy customer service is usually good with at&t - i've never had issues - however please let us know if this is on next months billing as that is my continuous 3 month long fight with at&t! lol  customer service always excellent - doing what they promised not so much.

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