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poor voice

poor voice

We have  5 bars in Microcell and 5 bars on Iphone, but outgoing voice is very poor.  People say voice keeps dropping.  It is the same on 2 phones.  When I do a line check on, it comes back a  C or D.


What can I do???

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Re: poor voice

Sounds like your internet connection is really poor. But I have never heard of ...
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Re: poor voice

AT&T suggests you use to test speed. is part of it and it test quality of connection and it does say it is poor.

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Re: poor voice

Do you, perchance, mean


If they're giving you a C or a D, then you're going to have lots of trouble with any VoIP service.


Perhaps you're using your internet connection a lot while running the test? That would do it.


If you do generally use your Internet connection a lot, you should obtain and configure a router with good QoS capabilities or use the priority mode installation of the Microcell.


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Re: poor voice



I am not using internet when using microcell

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Re: poor voice

Well, if you're getting a C or D while running a ping test on an otherwise idle Internet connection, then you need to talk to your ISP about your connection quality.
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