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I have a messaging plan, but I would like to know if either attaching or opening a picture is considered part of a messaging plan.  I do NOT have a data plan.  Thanks in advance for any good responses.

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Re: pictures

The data that is used when receiving/sending MMS messages is included in the cost of the messaging plan (if you have a messaging plan) or in the message pay-per-use rate (if you don't have a messaging plan).

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Re: pictures

I have spoken to 2 different AT&T reps and got 2 different answers. One agreed with you that pictures do not count against your data plan, while the other rep said it does. We noticed my daughters data usage had spiked this month and she said she has been sending picture messages to her friends. She doesn't use the browser or download apps.

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Re: pictures

 Picture/media messages are not supposed to count as "data" charges; they only count as messages, either docked from your allowance, or billed per message if you have no allowance.

 You'll have to go online and view the usage details to determine if your daughter has been connected to the internet for reasons other than to send such messages.

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