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phones w/ FM radio built in


phones w/ FM radio built in

I'd like to know if there are any AT&T phones that have an FM radio (hardware) built-in, not the "AT&T (Mobile) Music" app that relies on a data connection.


Preferably, a device that: 


  • is not a smartphone
  • does not require a data connection

The last time I was looking at phones, there were a few that had FM, but none of those are available anymore. 


Additionally, when using the comparison tool on the premier website, the 1st phone I ran across that listed FM radio as a feature (Samsung a777), after researching, I found that that isn't true. 


Does AT&T carry any phones like this anymore?

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Re: phones w/ FM radio built in

I don't think you'll find a non smartphone with that app
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Re: phones w/ FM radio built in

The HTC Freestyle has a built in FM reciever however it only works with earbuds. And not a very good signal when using. There is I think one or maye two more that have the FM radio but I can't remember what they were. BTW the Freestyle sturdy phone but you can't do much of anything with it. Camera - no zoom and no flash. Video - no zoom and no light. Web almost everytime you open a webpage you have to refresh at least once. Built well but not very user friendly.


BTW I REALLY hate the fact that with ATT you have to pretty much subscribe to almost amy convenient feature they offer. Such as ATT radio or ATT music or ATT Webmail. The price break you get on the unlimited data you lose by having to subscribe to everything. ATT = RIPOFF.

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Re: phones w/ FM radio built in

I used to have one that had a built in FM tuner. it was before smartphones became common.

The phone was a Sony Ericson K750 I believe. this phone was very similar to the W810, main differences is the 750 was designed more for pictures, the 810 more for music and multimedia. Both did require earbud use as the earbuds were also used as an antenna, with out earbuds the sound quality was all but terrible.


I think I still have the K750 lying around somewhere.... I think I lost the charger tho Smiley Sad


Not sure if any current phones have FM tuner tho.

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Re: phones w/ FM radio built in

It does seem to be a more common feature on the SE's.  My at&t W518a that I bought as a refurb prepaid device in January of this year has the built in FM radio, but at&t isn't currently carrying any non-smartphone SE's.  You could purchase a non-branded device from a third party provider (just make certain it has both the 850 and 1900 mhz GSM frequencies) or maybe even still pickup an at&t branded one from eBay, etc.

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