overcharging 15.5 USD


overcharging 15.5 USD

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Recently I purchase GoPhone wireless { Personal information removed }  and use it for 2 months. However, after that I left US and haven't used it anymore.

Now I just found that AT&T still charging my credit card (9/14/2010  14.99USD). I check through my account and make sure that I haven't enroll for any auto refill program. I could say, AT&T overcharging without my permission.

Please make sure that this thing won't happen again.

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Re: overcharging 15USD

This is a customer forum.  Customers (even if they happen to be off-duty AT&T employees at home) can't "make sure that this thing won't happen again."  I'd suggest calling prepaid customer care.


If you're still in the US or can dial 800 numbers, call 1-800-331-0500.  If you need a direct number, the only one the contact page lists is 1-916-843-4685.  It says it's not available to GoPhone customers, but normally any department can transfer you to Prepaid Customer Care.


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Re: overcharging 15USD

Go to AT&T website, and to go phone site. Put your go phone number in, you can check your refill hx.  You should not be charged without your permission.  You have certain month to use the minutes (depend on your plan and your first payment amount), your go phone service will be cancelled, and you will lose your minutes as well if you do use them for certain amount of time.

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