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outgoing calls now working on the first attempt?


outgoing calls now working on the first attempt?

This may be one of the very few positive-toned messages on this board, but I've ancedentally noticed that the behavior seems improved with respect to making outgoing calls.


About a month ago my iPhone 4S would very rarely make an outgoing call without the dreaded 'call failed' problem and would usually take three attempts before it would work.  The wife's iPhone 4 never seemed to have this problem.


Recently I've noticed that this hasn't been happening for either of us anymore and nearly every time I try to make a call, it works on the first attempt.  Nothing has changed on my end (haven't touched the microcell other than power-cycling a couple of times).


Has anyone else noticed a difference?

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Re: outgoing calls now working on the first attempt?

Yes, I actually got a new MicroCell (warranty replacement) and also I think the firmware has been updated.  Calling is much more solid now.  No delay, no dropped calls for me since I got the new mCell.

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