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nokia mural ringtones and games on sd card?


nokia mural ringtones and games on sd card?

does anyone know how to get the mural to find mp3's or java games on the sd card? do they have to be in a certain folder or is there a way to browse to the sd card somehow


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Re: nokia mural ringtones and games on sd card?

I don't have a Mural, but on my non-branded E70 you can take a look in the "file manager" (within "Office" on the main menu) and there are tabs for items stored in the phone's memory vs. the memory card.


Another option would be to take a look at the "Gallery" or "Media" option from the main menu - on my E70 once I access one of the types of media, I get a listing of the files and out to the right is a memory card icon if the file is stored on the memory card.

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