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no more PTT


no more PTT

Not that there ever was a useful PTT system with AT&T but now I was told at the ATT store that PTT has been dropped altogether.

Had ATT been compatible with Nextel it would have sold a lot more.

Just another reason to switch!

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Re: no more PTT

PTT was never a strongpoint. Now, I don't think it was cancelled or this forum would have been removed.


I would have loved to use it if more phones would support it. But I don't think integration with Nextel is possible, technology wise.

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Re: no more PTT

THIS WAS SUCH A BIG ISSUE FOR ME!    att tried to push the PTT network 2-3 years ago... I bought the lg 400 X2 and a blackberry curve, just becuase they had the ability for PTT.... AT&T still offer this PTT system for A GRAND PRICE OF 5$ for unlimited PTT on one line! cheap eh... only problem is that there is still ONLY a few phones that carry the ability... yes another downside was it was only mobile 2 mobile so no integration with any other provider is avail.  BUT COST WISE IS GREAT.  on the flip side after about 3 months i did remove PTT from my account and both lg phones crapped out real quickly and the bb curve 8310 still works to this day. it was just easier to call someone.


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Re: no more PTT

This is just bad information my friend.  AT&T PTT is being offered on more phones and is included with BB OS 6 Curve and Torch.



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Re: no more PTT

May be because it has a small market and more cost in paid on the developers. Smiley Happy

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Re: no more PTT

When and where is the push to talk being included on the torch? I have blackberry 6 installed and have yet to see that function?
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