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new phone and need help


new phone and need help

i have a htc inspire 4g cell and i am trying to figure out how to transfer my music from my pc to the phone . the instruction book has no instructions how to do this, does anyone have a clue how to do this? thanks for any help

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Re: new phone and need help

Congrats on your new Inspire 4G! It's a fantastic phone!


If you can plug it in to your computer, open up the phone or microSD card under My Computer, and you can create a folder there for your music. This allows you to pick and choose which songs you would like on your phone. This is how I transfer music to my phone. 700 songs and counting so far! Smiley Happy Love it!


If anyone else has another method, please post it! I'm always up for learning new mobile tricks! Smiley Very Happy


Hope this helps, Revonda! Smiley Happy

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Re: new phone and need help

thanks for the help but i need step by step instructions this phone is nothing like the iphone im used to. i have phone hooked to computer and where on my phone can i find everything else

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Re: new phone and need help

With the phone connected to the computer using the usb cable that came with the phone, press the menu button on the phone. Select Settings > Connect to PC > Default Connection type > Change to "Disk Drive" and press Done. The computer will load the proper drivers. Now go to your computer's file explorer. You should have a new external drive listed that is your phone's SD card.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: new phone and need help

In addition to the excellent advice Ann gave you, you might try this:


Place your SD card in a card reader (~ $15.00), then hook it up to your laptop/PC, via the attached USB cable. Then on your computer, open 'My computer (or whatever it may be called).'  Then you can see your "C" drive, etc..., and the SD card, as a drive. Create a folder on 'this drive- SD card,'  and merely "drag"  over the files you want copied, to the SD card...into the new folder. Then merely insert the SC card back into your phone. This should work. Thus, there is nothing 'new' to learn.

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Re: new phone and need help

Addendum (adding to Ann's suggestion):


The instruction book DOES tell you how to do this. I would suggest downloading the 206 page Inspire Manual to your "Desktop,"  for quick reference. In the getting started chapter:


Page 21- "connecting your phone to a computer"

Page 22- "copying files to or from the storage card"


"If all else fails, read the instructions." ... "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."   Smiley Surprised


Good luck!

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Re: new phone and need help

If you keep all your music/playlists organized on your PC using iTunes (likely, if you are used to using an iPhone), just download "iSynchr Lite for PC" from the Android Market.  This free app will very easily sync iTunes playlists to your Android phone, making it just about as easy as synching an iPhone.


If you don't care about your old iTunes playlists, and just want to migrate the files (MP3, AAC), as others have instructed in previous posts, its as easy as hooking the phone up to your PC, pick the option on the phone to mount the memory as "Disk Drive", then you can just drag and drop the files like you would on any type of portable device, like a USB thumb drive.


The only reason this is confusing, is that you previously used an iPhone to sync to iTunes, and they are both Apple products, designed to work together.  Now that you have a phone that is not an iPhone, there is just a bit of a learning curve, to figure out how a different phone manufacturer has things set up.  But just stick with it, and it will be second nature in no time.

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