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name on phone


name on phone

We have 4 phones.  All of them have my husband's name appearing when we make calls to someone else.  How can we change the name on each phone so that my daughters and I can make calls and the person receiving the call knows that it is one of us and not my husband who is calling?

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Re: name on phone

Call customer service and have them update the names on each line.  You may also be able to do it via the "My Account" option above in the orange bar.


For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

For hearing or speech impaired: 1-866-241-6567

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For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
Customer Support: 1-800-331-0500

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Re: name on phone

I was told the only way was by calling customer support and they said they did it but all the phones still come up under the account holders name.
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Re: name on phone

I have a secondary line and caller ID shows their name, not mine. I went into my online account and made a user profile for that line with their name, address, email address, etc. You should be able to do this online! I never contacted CS.

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Re: name on phone

I have user Profiles set up on all my lines and it still shows my name not theirs.
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Re: name on phone

That's really strange. I've had both lines since Jan 1997 and the caller ID has always shown both of us. Maybe it really is something CS isn't doing right?

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Re: name on phone

No, when customer care changes a name on the line, AT&T forwards it to all other phone service providers, and it takes time for them to update their systems, found this:


1. Call at&t tech support and have them fix your caller id.

2. The change is instant on at&t landlines, so call an at&t landline number to verify it was changed correctly. If it still shows wrong, then they didn't do it right.


The waiting process of up to 72 hours is so other landline companies can update their caller id database. Landline carriers must pay to update their info, so they don't do it very often. Comcast, Cox and Verizon are the worst at doing this. The gov't minimum is twice per year - so it's possible Comcast may not update theirs for a while. I hope this clears things up a little.

Easy to find where the problem is.



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