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my iPhone has landed


my iPhone has landed

in my hands. tears of joy.


Just want to take a minute to all the CSR's and live chat reps that I harassed and yelled at and complained to. Fed ex as well.  It must be an afwul time to work for ATT during the launch, but thanks again.


To everyone who hasn't gotten theirs, good luck I really hope you do soon!

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Re: my iPhone has landed

being a princess it was your birthright. now you still have to activate it ... here comes calling, harassing, shouting ... back again.  Being ATT CSR possibly the worst job whenever iPhones are launched - it is like a war for them.

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Re: my iPhone has landed

lol i know, i just realized all the activation


i gotta wait til i get home from work anyways. but its purrrrrty. the case i bought fits it.

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Re: my iPhone has landed


it took literally one minute to activate.....why did everyone have problems?

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Re: my iPhone has landed

cgarre wrote:

being a princess it was your birthright.

I had to give you a kudos for this. It cracked me up. 


@pcprincess - glad to hear you got your phone and that activation was quick. Smiley Happy Enjoy it! 


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