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my i phone is lock now


my i phone is lock now

resp sir

               i have i phone 3gs phone serial no {Personal content removed for your safety} last three days when i was down load i tunes with game then massage resore your i phone data when i restore then after some error occured error are the i phone " I PHONE"could not be restored an unknown error occured(1015) when restore then other error 3259


after that massage " i tunes has detcted an i phone recovery must restore this i phone it can be used with i tunes after that my i phone total work out and blanck its not start till today


now i restore my i phone sucessfull 420.2gb but its lock now please sir how i unlock now guide me


respected sir please help me how can i start again my i phone please advise me on my email address or c c centre near by ahmedabad


{Personal content removed for your safety}


thanking you............


 haresh {Personal content removed for your safety}

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Re: my i phone is lock now

A simple google search for the errors that are being generated would provide a quicker resolution that posting here.


If the device is locked to AT&T and the user is attempting to use another carriers SIM, there is NOTHING that anyone can do to assist here.

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