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my at and t wireless service is useless bad phones


my at and t wireless service is useless bad phones

I have a samsung focus, 5 moths old still under factory warrenty and have extended warrenty.


Problems, I am on my 8th focus in three months, all same issues, which include not being able to send or recieve text, pictures not showing on phone, full battery charge draing while turned off..I have talked to tech support many times..keep doing hard and soft resets..also have tried new batterys and sim cards..the last three phones would not even boot up out of the box..My last call I told them I wanted a different model phone, did not want a focus..I was told no, but we can keep sending you a replacement focus..I said no they dont work..I was told I could get a different model phone if I paid for it..I said no I wanted one of the free phones they were offering, or any smart phone and I did not think I should have to pay for it..I also said I wanted a credit on my bill for all this time I cant use my phones..I keep paying my bill on time..I was told no.


I live in a ecellent service area so coverage is not an issue..I hinted I was going to stop paying my bill, break the contract and not pay for it, and go to verision, they did not care..I have talked to many people on different levels including customer resaloutions same answer..I dont want to break my contract, but cant pay for a service I cant use..I have been to my at and t store which is corporate, no help, they just tell me to call customer I just plain screwed, and ideas

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Re: my at and t wireless service is useless bad phones

Att is filled with the most unprofessional,incompetent greedy slobs I've encountered.  They are the only company that don't give a dam about the customer after he/she has signed the contract. According to my experiences you are pretty much screwed.

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Re: my at and t wireless service is useless bad phones

The problem is you should probably talk to Samsung for making a bad phone
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Re: my at and t wireless service is useless bad phones


Sprint is just as bad.  The CSR's cannot help you at all.  The are just like robots and do nothing more than read off a card.  Infact, they will just hang up on you half the time. 


Sprint wouldnt even replace the phone for you for the same phone.  You would have to have their TEP insurance.  And then you will pay $100 for a claim.  SO for $100 they will get you another refurbished phone.


The OP states they want a different phone.  That would seem to lead that they have service, the phone is just a defective model.  This is something that should be taken up with the manufacture, not AT&T.  If AT&T is even giving the OP a new phone free of charge then this is more than most carriers will do.


Ive learned to research phones before I buy them now.  Many have serious defects to them.  I have learned to stay away from Samsung phones because they are very flaky and samsung is not quick to push out updates.


I see alot of people complaining about stuff that other carriers do the same way.  I think people should bounce around a few years with other carriers.  Find out if the grass is really greener on the other side.


I cannot speak for Tmobile and I have heard Verizon is pretty good.  But I can say that the grass on the Sprint side has been dead for a long time.


But, it seems AT&T is doing more than other carriers would do in a situation like this.  Don't think any other carrier would just give you a different phone.  That aint gonna happen.


Why dont you sell your defective model phone, and buy something else off craigslist. 

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