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music transfer


music transfer

I  purchased a Samsung Captivate in Jan,  have a ton of music on it, gave it to my Daughter and purchased a new one for myself, now I can't get the music off of the old one to my new one. Don't have external SD experience, want to try this way. HELP, and talk for a "lame man"!  I tried to do it through my computer which worked but only a few albums later my data pkg. was exceeded.

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Re: music transfer

I suggest plugging it into a PC, getting into Windows Explorer or ("Computer" in Windows Vista), and copying the music files that way.  I have all my music backed up on my PC, and on a flash drive.  You should backup your music (what if you lost your phone?).

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Re: music transfer

Additional suggestions::  If you don't have a copy of the Captivate manual, take a couple of minutes to download it, by googlng  "Captivate manual," then saving it to your desktop on a PC or laptop. The 193 page manual should mention most that you need to know. Read Section 6 on Multimedia, and then page 114 on SD card and phone storage.


In addition to what Dan suggested, you can transfer all the files over to an SD card. Then you can either connect the phone to your PC... or place the SD card in a card reader (~$15), then hook it up to the PC via the attached USB cord. The PC will see the card as an external hard drive. Then just drag the files over to a folder that you've created. Then your daughter can do the reverse. Hook up her SD storage card (in the card reader), and drag the files back from the PC to her SD card...then merely put it in her Captivate. With different phones, I've always preferred to place the SD card in a reader, as an external device, that to hook up the phone directly to the PC.

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