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multiple billing for international sms


multiple billing for international sms

Does anyone know how many characters are allowed in one international text message?   I know 160 are allowed for domestic texts but I heard from a customer service rep it is only 80 for international.  However, I can not find that information anywhere on the website.  I sent a text message to Canada that consisted of 328 characters/spaces.  I was charged for 5 messages. Anyone else come across this?
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Re: multiple billing for international sms

SMS is limited to 160 7-bit characters, 140 8-bit characters, or 70 16-bit characters. When multiple messages are sent and flagged as such so they're reconnected, these limits become 153, 134, and 67 respectively. 


These have nothing to do with domestic vs international and I've never heard of an 80-character limit in any context...

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