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motorola Tundra VA76r voice problem?!


motorola Tundra VA76r voice problem?!

hi there

ive bought a Tundra VA76r cellphone 2-3 weeks ago.

the voice doesnt work properly.

i mean the speaker is good and i can hear peaople's sound clear but

when i speak,i should speak loudly! becuase the voice is low.

is there any volume for microphone? 

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Re: motorola Tundra VA76r voice problem?!

My tundra is older, but I doubt they've added a mic volume control, as the model is specifically equipped with "Crystal Talk II", a background noise filter/vocal enhancer, which has gotten it very high scores in voice clarity reviews. I guess this is to bump up the mil-spec qualifications. I don't spend much time on battlefeilds, but it works really well on construction sites and in machine shops. I think you got a
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Re: motorola Tundra VA76r voice problem?!

...bad phone. Sorry about the interrupted reply. I must have hit "post" accidentally mid sentence, and the edit function doesn't seem to work for me. Same thing for typos and stuff.
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