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My Microcell works grate ! Finely can use my phone . But when I have a conversation with someone they say that I'm cutting in and out I read that users of 4g phones had the same problem. Did anyone ever find a fix to this problem to this issue! Please help
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Re: mircrocell

In general, reports of people on the other end of a Microcell call saying that your voice sounds choppy tend to be because your Microcell's packets are not getting uplink priority, and your connection is running out of uplink bandwidth.


The solution is to configure your router's QoS settings to give your Microcell priority over other traffic on your uplink. If you can't do this, then either replace your router with a more capable one, or set up your Microcell in the so-called priority mode configuration (where the modem is between your router and the modem).


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