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mifi 2372 install problem


mifi 2372 install problem

when first starting the mifi 2372 the wireless connection showed it had "limited access". after a lot of trouble, talking to tec support and talking to novatel with no help and also getting a new device. finally ifound the problem and that is to disable windows 7 pro firewall. after that i went to att.mifi ,set things up and now it works great! So why do i have to spend hours of time to find this on my own when att can just tell people to turn off the windows firewall set up the mifi2372 and then reset the firewall? Any thoughts on this!

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Re: mifi 2372 install problem

     I bought a MiFi 2372  2373 and a Net Gear dongle.I have 3 desk tops in my home.The main one I use most has Vista Home installed.My computers are old,but they work.I'm not the smartest computer operator,but I have been told I can do things that require schooling,such as rewrite the programming in automobile computers to change the performance at different throttle openings.

      I followed all the steps of both the Dongle and the 2372 box.After several attempts,and no signal,I called both Net Gear and AT&T for help.After about 16 hours of getting run around doing this and doing that,installing,uninstalling,pushing paper clips into the 2372,resetting the dongle and reconfiguring my computer so that all there was in it was the OS,useing a different computer all together,then back to the original computer,I finally managed to get a signal.That lasted for a few hours.Back to the phone,an iphone that was had such a terrible signal that I had to use my Razor phone to keep a connected.BTW,the iphone had to be smashed on the ground to remove the sim card.AT&T could NOT tell me how to remove the sim card.

        Well,I was finally told the MiFi was defective and I could drive 50 miles to get another one.I get to the store,and the punk behind the desk tells me they do not sell those and I would have to contact AT&T.I did.I walked back into the store and a different punk tells me I didn't charge the battery.I left the MiFi with him,along with the contract and told him he could have the  thing,take it home and enjoy it as much as I have!

         A few days later,I go in after a another 40 minutes talking with AT&T making arrangements to pick up a new MiFi.I get to the store after driving 25 miles to get there,and no one knows anything.finally a manager pulls my name up on the screen,all the screens and punks starting walking into the back room of the AT&T shop.The manager looks at me,calls me mister,and kisses my butt.I left w a new MiFi box and spent the next 4 hours on the phone getting it to work.That was last week.The miFi works good until I shut it down.Then i have to reconfigure my computers for 20 minutes every time I want to go online.Believe it or not,dialup is better than this piece of garbage,so I pay for MiFi and dialup so I can have a computer connection.Nice,don't you agree?


I am a 10+ year customer with AT&T.I have 4 phone #'s and this silly MiFi box.Sometimes my payment to AT&T exceeds my electric bill.I have never in my life dealt with a company as large as AT&T is,that every single time I call to ask the same question,I get a different answer.I was actually told by one person that if I paid an extra $45,my troubles wiould be over.

I sure hope the coat and tie people within AT&T read this thread,because I am not making this up,in fact I have left out quite a bit of the run around over the MiFi and the silly thing they think is a phone,the iphone,it's nothing more than a childs play toy.

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Re: mifi 2372 install problem

i have another suggestion if you were previously using another wireless usb device.  Brittaney w/Att highland village texas figured out what 6-8 other att csr's could not.  she took my laptop, deleted the att wireless program(s) on laptop and voila...the mifi works like a champ.  if you cannot connect, you might try looking for competing att wireless on your computer, remove it and use whatever wireless that came with your computer to look for the mifi. 

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