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messaging on new samsung captivate glide


messaging on new samsung captivate glide

I just got a new samsung captivate glide phone.  When I look at the messaging, everything is connected together vs. the separation of sent and received messages.  how do I get the sent folder and received folder on this new phone?  I don't like the way it is connecting everything together as a 'conversation'.  There are some messages I want to keep and the majority I want to delete, but not a whole conversation as it is currently setup. 

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Re: messaging on new samsung captivate glide

Same on my Android phone. I don't like the 'conversation' style and I wish there was a setting that I could change. I looked all over but found nothing to change.
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Re: messaging on new samsung captivate glide

Yes that is correct, there is no way for you to change that on the phone, most smart phones, including the iPhones, all organize texts by conversations now. As far as deleting just the one's that you want, with the Galaxy S, or captivate, you can simply press the menu button while in the conversation, then press delete messages, and it will show a box next to each individual message. From there you can delete multiple messages at once, w/o deleting the entire conversation.

Hope this helps!
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