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leaked Froyo 2.2 on Captivate: disappointing


leaked Froyo 2.2 on Captivate: disappointing

I know this is a leaked version, but still.


There are two issues for me that make me think that the final version may not be the improvement we hope for.


First of all, bluetooth voice dialing does not work!

It did on 2.2.1 on my Aria with the same Plantronics head set.


Second, Exchange Activesync has no provisions for synching for instance the SENT items folder. It takes an apparent random selection on the folders, but SENT is never included.

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Re: leaked Froyo 2.2 on Captivate: disappointing

What build/site did you use? I think you got a bad basement build. My 2.2 Froyo works like a charm. I saw your other post and I have none of the problems you listed. I send picture msgs and receive them daily. My Bluetooth and headphone and speaker all work fine. I have been able to use every app in the market I have tried to use. 


I used the odin one click method and haven't looked back since. One issue that I still have is the crapy GPS but thats a hardware/firmware issue from manufacturing. I used this file to get froyo.



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Re: leaked Froyo 2.2 on Captivate: disappointing

Whats the one i use and i have no issues as well. I tried going back to 2.1 but i couldnt keep it.
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Re: leaked Froyo 2.2 on Captivate: disappointing

Hmmm I haven't had any problems with my blutooth dialing. As for exchange I never use it. I don't know what the problem is. I agree though its probably going to have bugs, but then again they always do. 

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