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keep existing unlimited data plan with Galaxy Note upgradep


keep existing unlimited data plan with Galaxy Note upgradep

I am a Premier customer who was finally able to pre-order a Galaxy Note after 2 days.  I have been out if contract for 2 years so eligibility was not an issue.   The online pre-order would not work once I added the phone to the cart, as it would remove the $100 discount and insisted that I needed to add a new data plan even though I currently have a unlimited iPhone data plan for my 3g. 

After talking to 5 premiere CSRs (no joke - including 2 "dropped calls" and one non-call back promise), one very helpful person was finally able to process my pre-order after 2 days.  It seems there is a tremendous range of competency levels at ATT.

I have read in many places including the promotion popup for the Note, that if you already have a smartphone plan (such as my iPhone unlimited data plan) that it is no issue to keep it when upgrading the device only. However, I am now distressed to find that an expiration date of 3/30/12 has magically appeared on my unlimited iPhone plan features since the Gakaxy Note was ordered.  So I would challenge the Community Managers that moderate this forum to get a clarification from ATT for once and for all and post the official position of ATT concerning keeping existing data plans on valid upgrades. Clearly not everyone is being treated the same way. At the very least the online system needs to made uniform so that all CSRs have the same options available to help the customer. This is creating confusion and is definitely not helping ATTs image. 

As a request, what will be the best way to activate the Note to be sure my unlimited plan remains and the removal of the expiration date also takes place.

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Re: keep existing unlimited data plan with Galaxy Note upgradep

That expiration date is likely because they'll have to change the Feature Code for the Unlimited Plan from the iPhone plan to the Android plan. Although they're all called Smartphone plans, they have different codes in AT&T's system.

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Re: keep existing unlimited data plan with Galaxy Note upgradep

Ah... thanks for the tip.  Hoping it is indeed that way.

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