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jumper locations


jumper locations

Does anyone know where the jumpers go inside the MC?


There are 2 - 6 pin headers on the PCB one on the front and one on the back of the board

A total of 5 jumpers, 3 jumpers with metal in them (real jumpers) and 2 just plastic "jumpers" (they look a little different and don't have metal in them )

I'm pretty sure there were 2 lose in the enclosure originally (probably the dummy jumpers)


Oops lol

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Re: jumper locations

I don't believe anyone's ever tried and reported back.


The issue is that if you don't successfully evade the tamper, you'll have destroyed a $199 device in an out-of-warranty manner.


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Re: jumper locations

Well. Luckly I got mine for free, otherwise I wouldn't dare diassemble it. If I manage to figure out where the real jumpers go, I will report back if the MC is still functional.

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Re: jumper locations

I can't remember, I think I put them there after looking at another web page but I could be completely wrong (I can barely remember yesterday, let alone 5+ months ago lol) and I wouldn't go by that picture, I don't want to be responsible for any bricking. btw that was a bricked unit :'(

FrankCastle wrote:

Is the picture posted above a functioning (non-bricked) microcell?  If so, I see where 2 of the real jumpers go, ie on the 2 leftmost pin columns. Can someone post a picture of the other side so we can see the other real jumper location? I would be most appreciative

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Re: jumper locations

I know this message is old but someone may find it useful. The left side contains three jumpers. The real jumper belongs on the bottom and the 2 blanks go above it. I hope you find this useful.
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