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itunes alternatives?


itunes alternatives?

Is there another source for music besides itunes? I am in search of remixes I enjoyed in the 80s that I can't find from itunes. They were popular enough that they got airplay and were once available in record (what's that?Smiley Happy stores. For example I would love to get the Junior remixes by Tee Time on my iphone. All this stuff DJs and fans of house music and remixes would know about. Where I can I find such music to download onto my iphone?

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Re: itunes alternatives?

Amazon works. You can then add the music to iTunes to sync to your iPhone. Any MP3 file can be added to ITunes

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Re: itunes alternatives?


I still can't find what I'm looking for from amazon. For example here's a great 12" mix, you can hear it from youtube:


But I want to download the mp3 to my iphone. There's a boatload of great mixes from the 80s. Is there a source I can purchase the mp3s?



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