is there a next att/htc tilt phone?


is there a next att/htc tilt phone?

Is htc/ATT planning on coming out with another htc tilt, touch pro 3 phone? Hopefully with windows 7 on it.. I loved my tilt and would really love to see an htc tilt 3.. or even touch pro 3.


any ideas?



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Re: is there a next att/htc tilt phone?

A leaked HTC roadmap for earlier in the year showed a model code named "Tera" which some speculated was the Touch Pro 3, running WM6.5.  With the release of WP7 just around the corner (next month?), the release of this phone seems unlikely at this point.


I don't know of any rumored (or official, for that matter) WP7 phones from HTC with a slider keyboard just yet.  But LG has one on the way:



On the Android side, the HTC G2 headed to TMob looks very nice.  Hopefully, ATT will get a version of this someday.

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