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iphone4 sim problem


iphone4 sim problem

I activated my Iphone4 and it said no sim found. I took the sim out put it back in and the phone worked. Five minutes later said no sim. Took it to the AT&T store and had a new sim put in. The phone worked for a few minutes then went back to no sim. Spent a few hours on home phone with apple. Tried reset but still happening. No answers from apple. Has anyone else had this happen?

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Re: iphone4 sim problem: A Vicious awaits you

Eliut wrote:

If you get the sim card not installed message in your brand new iPhone 4... you are in for a trip.  It happened to me and I am a survivor.

Based on my tormented experience, this is what WILL happen to you:


  1. First you'll call ATT and they will be wide eyed and totally clueless about the SIM issue: useless
  2. Then you will call Apple Support and they will ask you to GO to ATT to get a new SIM card
  3. You spend two hours at  ATT and you fight your way to get them to replace the SIM card without charging you for it!
  4. A day or so later you will notice that the problem persists... so you will call Apple again and they will have you RESTORE your iPhone
  5. ome 20 hours later... the problem will come back again and you'll have to call Apple once more.  Because you have called THREE times already, the first level support guy will patch you to a senior rep who will FINALLY agree that the equipment has to be replaced and they will direct you to the nearest Apple Store or iPhone Service Center
  6. Then you go to the store/ATT Service Center, repeat your sad store to the rep, they will try to get by replacing just the SIM card, forcing you to display your best GRIZZLY face and demand equipment replacement.  Should they be willing to do it, they will get you a refurbished unit and send you on your merry way
  7. Problem solved???????? We'll see about that!!!

There you have it.  That's my sad, sad story and prediction of what you will have to go through to solve your "SIM card not installed" issue.  I just got the new (refurbished!) iPhone 4 today, so until it survives the dreaded 24-48 testing period I will not feel confident that the problem is actually fixed.  I'll write again should the problem manifests itself in the replacement unit.


This problem took at least 6 hours of my life to solve and plenty of aggravation.  I only wish Apple and ATT were willing to bite the bullet admitting that they had a bad batch of iPhone 4s or something and just cut to the chase and replace the unit instead of having you running around like this!!!


No, Here is how it works: 


1. Stop by the corporate AT&T store and replace your SIM card, they're FREE! It'll take 5 minutes max. Make sure you go to the corporate store. Getting a new SIM card probably won't resolve this issue, but do it anyway because Apple will tell you to get it and when they do you can save time by telling them you already did.

2. Make an appointment at the Apple store, go get a replacement unit, DON'T let them make excuses or blame somebody else, it you have a new SIM card and your account with AT&T is active, IT IS A HARDWARE ISSUE, don't leave without a replacement phone.


Please people, if you think there is bad batch of iPhones, understand, AT&T has nothing to do with that, we get them sealed, they look like any other iPhone we ever sold, there is no way for AT&T to know if there is a bad batch or Apple using different suppliers or what. I know everyone somehow believes Apple is a saint company, do you think they'll ever admit there is a defective batch? How about that antennagate thing last year?


There is no conspiracy, no wide spread problem, to you guys it seems like something huge, sad truth is, we have maybe 20 reports here, they're from last couple weeks, hundreds of iPhones if not thousands are sold every day, sometimes there is a bad unit, just do a warranty exchange an move on.

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Re: iphone4 sim problem

I bought a new iPhone 4 and have had it for only one day and it failed with this error!!!! I am furious. 

I spent over $300.00 and if I had been stranded on the road or needed to dial 911.... Can you imagine!

I have never had a vendors phone fail me like this.  It's unacceptable, especially paying all that money.


I had to pay one full day for my contractor to do nothing and they are not cheap b/c I was no where near a public phone and my brand new phone is unreliable.... I lost more money b/c of their "known" flaw.



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Re: iphone4 sim problem

Yes!  I'm furious.  I spent over $300.00 and had the phone for only 1 day. 

It cost me a whole days cost of an expensive contractor b/c this phone is unreliable. 

Can you imagine if a customer had to call 911 or were stranded out on a highway (at night even)... It doesn't come with instructions on how to fix Know Flaws.  Total crap!  even a 25.00 dollar pay as you go phone has better quality.

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Re: iphone4 sim problem

So furious it necessitated posting the same thing twice in one thread?


Your experience is certainly not ideal and I would be just as furious, but the same thing could happen with any phone or device.  The amount paid for the device is irrelevant, a "free" phone on contract could easily do the exact same thing.

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Re: iphone4 sim problem

FYI a phone can call 911, even with no SIM card or active account on it.

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Re: iphone4 sim problem

I am having the exact same problem.  "no sim card installed"   This has happened periodically over the past 24 hrs since buying the new iphone 4s.  I seems that the only thing that is working for me is to eject and reinsert the card a few times.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  It sounds like this is a problem with some of the new phones, not the cards....


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Re: iphone4 sim problem

Take the phone back to an Apple store for a replacement.

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