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iphone passcode trouble


iphone passcode trouble

can someone please help me.cant use my iphone b/c its disabled and has been for hours.i changed my passcode and cant remember it and it has me locked out!!i have noway of calling b/c i cant use my phone.please help!!!

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Re: iphone passcode trouble

I think the only way to fix it is to restore it with iTunes. But, im not sure if itll do this, but itunes might ask you for your passcode if you try to restore, so Im not sure. Try calling Apple support.

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Re: iphone passcode trouble

The only option is to Restore in iTunes... in order to bypass password check in iTunes you will need to turn off your iPhone => hold down Home button wile connecting to iTunes and keep holding it down till iTunes recognizes your iPhone in Recovery mode...

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Re: iphone passcode trouble

That's good info to know.
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