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iphone locked in Europe (Belgium)


iphone locked in Europe (Belgium)

Hello there


I'm from Belgium, I have a iphone4, always works great whit a belgium network.

after updating on i tunes he is locked. ???? The iphone was a gift from me dad (past away) and he buy the phone in the US.

Now me question can and will ATT unlock me iphone please?  so yes what I need to now and do please?

Kind regards



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Re: iphone locked in Europe (Belgium)

Yep I doubt it to AT&T I think have some deal with apple
That locks the phones before they hit the outlets Smiley Very Happy

Possibly buy in bulk get them cheaper?! Hah

Uh well perhaps in the next decade they might
Change there decision on this in meantime
Buy the darn unlocked version Smiley Very Happy
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