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iphone in Mexico??


iphone in Mexico??

I'm going to cozumel in a few weeks and this is what I want to do. I don't want to use the network at all The hotel has wifi now if I turn on air plane mode and then switch on wifi I can use skpye and make calls to skpye for free I also have skype out so I can call landlines, I tested this last night and it worked fine. Now the problem is one of my friends that are going just called AT&T and asked if we would be charged anything if we did this and they told him yes. Now I did not talk to the ATT person but how would this be possible if the cell radio is off. I just think the rep did not know what he was talking about. I saw on here you can call and have the int roaming turned off.. Anybody ever heard of this???



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Re: iphone in Mexico??

You will not be charged for anything wile Airplane mode is ON. You are free to use WiFi as much as you want in any part of the world.
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