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iphone data service vs data connect


iphone data service vs data connect

I get excellent cell service where I live and get extremely fast internet speeds on my iphone accourding to speed tests. I bought the volicuty air card and am getting sloowwww service throught that to my laptop, what gives with this? I am in a rural area where internet service is limited so I thought that the air card would be the way to go thanks for any help! Cindy

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Re: iphone data service vs data connect

Hm.  If the speed is slow, then either the air card is having trouble with the network or the computer is having trouble with the air card.  I don't know much about air cards, but there may be one or two things you can try.


Keep in mind that 3G data speeds don't compete with high-speed internet like DSL or cable.  What appears fast on a phone may not be so fast on a computer.


Take a look at the connector where the device plugs into the USB port.  Is that loose, bent, or damaged?  If it is, there will be problems between the computer and the device.  In that case, if it's under 30 days from purchase, you may be able to return it.  However, a bent connector would not be covered under warranty.


Does a friend or neighbor have an air card you could borrow?  Trying a different device under the same conditions can help to narrow down the problem.  If you don't have another air card to try, there's another option.  You can temporarily put your iPhone on a tethering data plan (the 2GB plan, plus an additional fee to tether).  If you can't or don't want to do this, that's fine.  I wouldn't be willing to do it, either, but it is an option available to help see where the problem lies.


You can contact Laptop Connect support.  Find the phone number assigned to your air card.  Call AT&T Customer Care at 1-800-331-0500.  Put in the air card's phone number when prompted, then press 0 on the first menu and 1 on the second menu.  They'll have some specific troubleshooting, and they can let you know if there's a firmware update for your device.


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